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Rural Development

Free Bicycle distribution to Girl Students

Free bicycles have been distributed to the Girl students those are traveling from Bilakalgudur, Bujunur & Allagadda villages to Gadivemula to pursue secondary education. It is aimed to stop Girl Students from discontinuing their studies in high school stage due to distance between their villages and high school. The bicycle distribution program was inaugurated by Shri. Harinath Reddy Pant Head and graced by Shri Parthasarathi Reddy Inspector of Police, Panyam and the Sarpanches of Gadivemula, Bilakalagudur and Bujunur on 17-10-2016. The student and the parents have thanked the JSW management.

Kurnool Yojna

The people residing in the village of Krishnagiri, 256 kilometres away from the city of Hyderabad, were suffering from problems that were diverse and impactful at the same time. Inadequate roads, shattered homes and the lack of basic infrastructure and sanitation almost crippled the lives of the villagers.

Due to the inability to buy cement in bulk, because of the lack of funds, JSW decided to start an initiative where the residents of Krishnagiri could slowly start to rebuild their homes.

With the concept of differed payments and easy instalments, the residents were now able to purchase cement from their local ration shops, and had upto 5 months to pay for them.

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Katamaiah Temple

Villagers of Bilakalagudur used to worship Katamaiah (God of Rain) every year for rain. As there is no proper structural temple and as per the requests of the villagers, JSW Cement has constructed a Temple for Rain God (Katamaiah) for the villagers. The consecration of the temple and the rituals performed for three days from 12th, 13th and 14th-Feb-2016. Sri.P.Vachaspathi, Vice-President (HR & CSR), JSW Cement Ltd offered puja on first and second day and on the final day, Shri. T.Harinath Reddy, Plant Head, JSW Cement Ltd, inaugurated the temple by offering special puja.

Over 2000 villagers attended on the final day. Village elders and the sarpanches of Bilakalagudur, Bujunur & Gadivemula panchayats graced the occasion.

RO (Reverse Osmosis) Plant at Bilakalagudur

Safe drinking water is fundamental to healthy lives and prosperous communities. Most of the rural people suffer from water born diseases. To reduce water born diseases and their adverse impact in the surrounding villages of the plant, JSW Cement established Drinking Water Plant in Bilakalagudur village which was inaugurated by Sri.Sudarshan Reddy , Sarpanch and Sri. Balasubbanna, Village Elder, and graced by Sri Anil Kumar Pillai, Director & CEO and Sri. Vachaspathi, VP (HR & CSR). The plant has the capacity to purify and provide 2000 liters of RO water per hour.

Safe Drinking Water

To provide a safe drinking water we installed RO plant with the proper building in Bilkalaguduru Village which would serve 4500 population. Installed 20 solar lamps in both Bilakalagudur and Bujunur villages.