Advisory Notice: It has come to our attention that there are fake websites selling the cement under the name of JSW Cement. Please be aware that we are not selling our products online through any website or other e-commerce platforms


At JSW Cement, we always put our people first. Every day, in our business, we strive to empower our people by entrusting them with responsibilities and giving them the support to deliver. We believe in enabling our people. We do this by ensuring that they have the right environment to work and live, the best of facilities to produce results, and the respect and recognition of their peers and the industry. Our employees are like one big family. The company fosters this feeling by giving employees a healthy working environment where each individual is treated with respect. We also promote a culture of entrepreneurship, where employees take ownership of their tasks and business activities and work as a team to deliver results.

Our culture is to provide employees with opportunities to exercise their responsibility, integrity, and creativity while growing themselves, their careers, and our business.


At JSW Cement, performance is rewarded with incentives, challenging assignments and recognition. We also encourage employees to support and recognise each other’s efforts and achievements.

We put high performers on a fast track career path and expose them to cross-functional assignments to prepare them for leadership roles. World-class facilities and modern plant equipment ensure that employees have the right environment and tools to accomplish their tasks successfully.

Entrepreneurial spirit

JSW follows a sustainable model of growth that links people, strategy and operations – the three core processes of any business. People with the right kind of executive skills, experience and competencies are chosen to champion initiatives and business plans. Strategies are created to achieve ambitious yet realistic goals and operations are designed to complement people and strategy. Business goals or targets are revised periodically keeping in mind the realities of competition, market sentiment and industry practices. This system has given rise to an efficient, entrepreneurial culture that helps employees achieve individual key results and, thus, the company’s business targets.