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PCS’s inherent chemistry gives it several advantages over ordinary cement
Apart from being more environment-friendly, it offers;

Length Width
Height Measurement

The concrete proportion is represented in a:b:c format
a = Cement
b = Sand
c = Stone aggregates mix of 10mm & 20mm

Concrete Proportion: a:b:c is 1:1.5:3

Kashinath Bhoir

Kashinath Bhoir

JSW Concreel HD

I have been using JSW Concrete HD cement to construct my house. All Rcc and masonry work has been done with concrete HD cement, the tiling work is also being done with the same cement. With the quality of the JSW Concrete HD Cement the RCC work is strong. We were given site service assistance during the slab work.

Raja Reddy

Nirajan Nagar, Maharashtra


I have used JSW Cement to construct my home. As a customer we are unaware of the technical aspects of cements and aggregates, but the technical services provided us with help which was extremely beneficial. I am satisfied with the quality of the JSW Cement.