Katamaiah Temple

Villagers of Bilakalagudur used to worship Katamaiah (God of Rain) every year for rain. As there is no proper structural temple and as per the requests of the villagers, JSW Cement has constructed a Temple for Rain God (Katamaiah) for the villagers. The consecration of the temple and the rituals performed for three days from 12th, 13th and 14th-Feb-2016. Sri.P.Vachaspathi, Vice-President (HR & CSR), JSW Cement Ltd offered puja on first and second day and on the final day, Shri. T.Harinath Reddy, Plant Head, JSW Cement Ltd, inaugurated the temple by offering special puja.

Over 2000 villagers attended on the final day. Village elders and the sarpanches of Bilakalagudur, Bujunur & Gadivemula panchayats graced the occasion.