Advisory Notice: It has come to our attention that there are fake websites selling the cement under the name of JSW Cement. Please be aware that we are not selling our products online through any website or other e-commerce platforms

Product Overview

With the rise in awareness of environmental issues and diminishing natural resources, the focus of construction industry has shifted towards eco-friendly materials and technologies. Our commitment to environmental causes has motivated us to use by-products like blast furnace slag from steel, which are effective not only in pollution management but also in natural resource conservation. Hence, JSW Cement is the leading manufacturer of ‘green cement’ in India. The use of slag in concrete has replaced partially the Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC). As a common practice, blast furnace slag is incorporated in Portland cement production for environmental, technical and economical benefits. Before JSW Cement’s entry in the market, ‘green cement’ was virtually unheard in southern and western India.