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JSW Cement has been the choice of Cement for large and challenging projects like Nuclear Power Plants, Sea Ports, Jetties, Metro Railways etc. over the years across all the Southern, Eastern & Western parts of India. Strength with durability offerings of JSW Cement products, tested at all reputed institutes, has made us the preferred choice in these valued projects.

The quality and consistency combined with time-bound assistance have helped us to procure loyal clients. Research and Innovation is our key focus, be in terms of product design at our R&Ds or application-based innovation in our Concrete Laboratories, which encourages us to make customized concrete mix-design according to the site necessity.

Green products like Portland Slag Cement, Portland Composite Cement and Ground Granulated Blast-furnace Slag from the house of JSW Cement will help you in constructing eco-friendly structures.

Our green-pro certified products with Environment product declaration, offering High Ultimate Strength with durability, automatically makes JSW Cement come out unequivocally as “The Leader’s Choice”.

    Mobile technical assistance to help you build better

    Call 1800-266-2661 or fill out the form below for free inspection and expert advice

    Concrete Testing at Your Door Step

    With JSW cement care van, the service is just a phone call away.
    Our mobile lab is manned by trained professional to help you in making good concrete.

    Our mobile concrete lab is equipped to

    • Test coarse and fine aggregates
    • Test fresh concrete workability – slump test
    • Test fresh and hardened concrete – concrete cube testing

    All our tests confirm to BIS specification.

    How Does This Work

    On getting the information about the requirement, our cement care engineer will get in touch with the customer and gets information on the address and date of concreting

    • Customers can call on toll free number “1800-266-2661” or fill out the form to place his/her request for the mobile expert. About 2 days in advance.
    • The customer can also register a request through our cement dealer/ retailer and provide the required information.
    • The cement care expert will make a pre-concrete visit and advice to customer on (sand) fine aggregate and (jelly) coarse aggregate quality, so that any changes required can be made.
    • The proportions of cement-sand-coarse aggregate are suggested to the customer.
    • On the day of concreting the workers are briefed about better concreting procedure and water content in concrete to get workable concrete with good strength. Tests are made on site to achieve this.
    • Once this mix is standardized, concrete samples are taken in 3 cube moulds for testing its strength.
    • Advice is given to the contractor about curing and other issues after concreting
    • The concrete sample is tested for strength and BIS specification on the 7th day or on 28th day as the situation demands. A test certificate on concrete cube strength will be mailed or handed over to the customer. This will ensure that your structure is strong and durable.
    • Cement care van service is provided to customers on first come-first serve basis.

    The Objectives

    • The objective of providing such a facility is to help individual house builders to use modern day cement and material in an optimum way.
    • Assist our valued customers in making good concrete.
    • Facilitate best practices in construction.
    • Ensure that our customer builds his dream house in the best way possible.

    Making a Difference

    • Helps you make better and durable concrete.
    • Guides you in adopting better construction practices to ensure you have a well-built house.
    • The cement care team can check the grain size distribution of (jelly) coarse aggregate or (sand) fine aggregate and make suggestions, to make denser and better concrete.
    • The cement care engineer can check for harmful impurities in sand e.g.: clay or silt.
    • The engineer on the cement care van can assist in optimizing the water content in concrete for a given condition.
    • Take samples of concrete made at your site and test its strength after 7 days or 28 days as per BIS standards.
    • The testing of concrete strength is done at JSW lab or any of the third party testing lab nearby.
    • In select location we can test the concrete cubes at your site using the compression testing equipment fitted with mobile lab.
    • Cement care van also provides free samples of cover blocks and masking tapes assists in using and procuring required quantity.
    • Cement care van is free of cost for our customers on as first come first serve basis.

    Test Undertaken At Site

    Customer Testimonials


    Rapthadu, Anantapura, Andhra Pradesh


    Myself Chandra, I am one of the builders at Rapthadu, Anantapura, Andhra Pradesh. I have used JSW PSC and CHD and the product has capability of fast setting and mixing. The cement has good strength. I have been using JSW for 2 years and have been recommending it to others.


    Anantapura, Andhra Pradesh


    I am a contractor from Anantapura, Andhra Pradesh. I have used JSW Concreel HD cement for its fast setting, durability and good quality. The services and support from the company is amazing.

    Shankar Bhoir

    Khadavali, Maharashtra


    I have been using JSW Concreel HD Cement for all RCC and Masonry work at all my sites. I am the first contractor who started using JSW cement in Shahapur taluka. JSW technical officers give regular guidance and site service to my house customer (IHB). I am satisfied with the quality of JSW Concreel HD Cement.

    Jilaan Basha

    Anantapura, Andhra Pradesh


    I am one of the contractors in Anantapur, Andhra Pradesh. I have been using JSW Cement for my projects. The product has good workability, mixing and also has good strength parameters.

    V. R. K. Gupta

    Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh


    I have been using JSW PSC & Concreel HD for various residential and commercial projects. We are really satisfied with the product performance and technical services extended by JSW. We look forward to associate with you for all my future projects

    S. Zakeer Hussain

    Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh


    I am President of Kurnool licensed engineers association and have been using JSW PSC and Concreel HD for various residential and commercial projects. Most of my members have been using JSW products. We are happy with the product performance and satisfied with technical services extended by JSW Cement. We are looking forward to working with you on our future projects.

    Venkant Subbaiah

    Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh


    I have used JSW Cement to construct my home. As a customer we are unaware of the technical aspects of cements and aggregates, but the technical services provided us with help which was extremely beneficial. I am satisfied with the quality of the JSW Cement.