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Fujairah, UAE aims to emerge as a global leader in the Construction space. The Unit aspires to be a brand that the world recognizes and trusts. We acquired a Limestone mine in Fujairah and took the first step in operating outside India. The plant holds the expertise to succeed in this industry and to capitalize on the expected high growth rate. JSW Cement FZE, UAE signed an agreement with Fujairah Natural Resource Corporation (FNRC), The Government of Fujairah, UAE in October 2017 for development of Limestone mines and to set up a 3000 TPD Cement Clinker Production line in Emirates of Fujairah (UAE). Limestone mines have high-quality Steel grade Limestone reserves. Extracted limestone is exported to Steel Plants in India after the required size reduction and the rest is utilized for Clinker production.

Construction of Clinker Plant was awarded to Sinoma – TCDRI on Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) mode in May 2018. The site construction commenced in January 2019 and was commissioned successfully within a record-breaking time frame of 14 months in February 2020. The latest technology equipment with a blend of European and Chinese supplies have been installed. The plant in Fujairah is one of the fastest executed Clinker plant projects in the UAE. It is also one of the best-achieved projects globally with regards to the completion schedule and the one that will be etched in our history.

The first Clinker was produced on 3rd March 2020 and it was a successful operation. The plant is equipped with sophisticated technical equipment, including the Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) system, to limit the emission.

Product Portfolio and Capacity

The Plant produces  40-60mm, 30-60mm, 10-30 mm fully crushed Limestones. Apart from these, the plant produces 0-5mm thoroughly crushed sand, 5-10mm and 10-20mm crushed aggregates and armor rocks of various configurations.

Portland Cement Clinker, as per ASTM C 150:2012, TYPE I is obtained from this unit.

Unique Features of the Plant

Limestone Crushing and Screening Plant

  • It has the biggest jaw crusher Terex JC 5460 installed in this region with a throughput capacity of 1200 tonnes/hr.
  • It is equipped with a three-stage crushing and screening system for varying sizes of material output.

Clinker Plant

  • Fujairah Plant has Pipe Structure Pre-heater installed
  • The unit is designed and structured for storage sheds
  • Fujairah Plant has the most energy-efficient raw grinding system (Roll Press).
  • It has efficient IKN Clinker Cooler
  • It is equipped with Selective Non-Catalytic Reduction (SNCR) system to reduce NOX Emissions
  • Air pollution control equipment is installed, which is designed for dust emissions <10 mg/Nm3

Market Served
JSW Cement’s Fujairah has been integrated principally to support JSW Steel and other Steel plants in India by exporting high-grade Limestone. The balance quantity of Limestone, including rejects of the primary operation, which is utilized in the Clinker plant and partially sold in the local market.
Clinker produced at this Plant is exported to JSW Cement’s grinding unit at Dolvi in Maharashtra. As a secondary market, the Plant serves customers in and around the Middle East and bordering Indian nations, including Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc. Fujairah unit also aims at expanding its reach to East Africa and Asia Pacific markets.

Plant Head’s Note
The JSW Cement FZE (JSWCF) is the newest addition to the JSW Cement family. It is uniquely placed, both in the group and in UAE, with a production facility for steel grade limestone, aggregates for the construction industry and clinker for cement manufacturing under one roof. All the production facilities are commissioned and are catering majorly to the demands of the JSW group, with the surplus being sold in the open market to third parties. It has both the Fujairah port and Mina Saqr port of Ras-al Khaimah close to the plant works to our advantage in exporting almost the entirety of our production.
The plant can confidently state that the quality of steel grade limestone from their mines is one of the best available. As they develop and penetrate the mines further, the quality shall further improve. The early production records of clinkers have also proved our capability to produce a high grade of clinker. The clinker is also quite suitable for producing blended cement, especially Portland Slag Cement, which is the major focus of JSW Cement Ltd. in India.
As a responsible corporate and socially committed organization, JSW Cement FZE also intends to utilize alternative fuel for clinker production to conserve fossil fuels and also resolve the burning issue of management of waste. Further, the waste heat recovery based power generation system is also planned to be installed to effectively utilize the waste heat, which otherwise would be exhausted into the environment.
The team at JSW Cement FZE is motivated and committed to keeping the flag of the JSW group flying high and taking it to newer heights and achievements.
“JSW Cement FZE is a perfect embodiment of JSW Cement’s vision of Global recognition for Quality and Efficiency while nurturing Nature and Society.”
Rajan Killikurussi

Chief Manufacturing Officer’s Note
JSW Cement is a rapidly growing organization and one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly companies in India. From a humble start, JSW has today grown to a well-earned position of leadership. As an organisation, we spread happiness amongst everyone connected with our ecosystem and create wealth for investors, employees, business associates and communities where we operate by experimenting and implementing new ideas for improving efficiencies and maximizing the ratio of output product to input resources. We have to keep on improving ourselves with times and break current benchmarks, even if they were set by us in the first place. The core reason behind our success in the markets we operate has been our relentless focus on our customers. We thrive on evolving ourselves with the needs of our customers. Under the dynamic leadership of our MD Mr Parth Jindal, I am sure the capacity target of JSW Cement will be increased to 25 MTPA by 2023. I am proud of the extraordinary performance shown by all JSW Cement units PAN India.
I am sure in the near future, we will continue to forge ahead with the same energy to achieve even greater heights.

G. Veera Babu
Chief Manufacturing Officer