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Portland Slag

PSC is a blended cement confirming to IS 455:2015. It is most suitable for residential, commercial and industrial projects. At JSW Cement, we use superior quality slag produced at our steel-manufacturing plants, along with clinker and gypsum to create PSC. At JSW Cement PSC is produced by using state-of-the-art technology, through roller press and vertical roller mill.

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Concreel HD

Concreel HD confirming to IS 455: 2015 is an apt representation of JSW Cement’s vision of providing high-quality products while protecting the environment. It reduces carbon dioxide emissions, conserves natural resources & fuel, utilises industrial by-products. Its modified pore structure and superior cohesion make it ideal for strength-bearing applications such as beams, columns, slabs and foundations, and other generalised construction requirements.

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Composite Cement

JSW Composite Cement is a perfect blend of highly reactive slag and silica, making it our latest revolutionary offering specially designed for aII concrete-based construction requirements. A result of world-class manufacturing processes, JSW Composite Cement is also an environment-friendly product and confirms to IS 16415: 2015.

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Screened Slag

Screened slag is an alternate to river sand as well as crushed rock fines. Screened slag obtained from the screening of blast furnace slag, is in the form of granules and looks like river sand only. It is an inert material and suitable for concrete and mortar. The method of application of screened slag is same as that of river sand / crushed rock fines.
Screened slag is superior to river sand because the river sand / crushed rock fines contain fossils and other irregular particles like clay and silt, that affects quality and durability. JSW screened slag meets all the requirement of IS:383-2015.

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Customer Testimonials

Kashinath Bhoir

Kashinath Bhoir

JSW Concreel HD

I have been using JSW Concrete HD cement to construct my house. All Rcc and masonry work has been done with concrete HD cement, the tiling work is also being done with the same cement. With the quality of the JSW Concrete HD Cement the RCC work is strong. We were given site service assistance during the slab work.

Raja Reddy

Nirajan Nagar, Maharashtra


I have used JSW Cement to construct my home. As a customer we are unaware of the technical aspects of cements and aggregates, but the technical services provided us with help which was extremely beneficial. I am satisfied with the quality of the JSW Cement.