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Cohesive Workable Mortar
Better Tensile and Flexural Strength
Eliminates Cement Slurry
Application Over Plaster
Uniform and Smooth Finishes

It is a single component water resistance monolith plastering / rendering mortar with a ratio of graded inert sand with cement & polymers, which has applications in civil construction works.

Multifold Advantages

  • Cohesive workable mortar
  • Extended application time
  • Increased curing efficacy
  • Improves bond strength to applied substrate
  • Eliminates cement slurry application over plastered surface
  • Better tensile and flexural strength
  • Uniform and smooth finishes
  • Faster rate of application
  • Improved putty coverage
  • Reduced wall porosity and voids
  • Increase in durability
  • Negligible rebound losses

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