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SSC Bag_250x350px-02

Higher compressive strength

Better cohesiveness and improved bonding

Does not have fossils and clay has negligible silt content

High durability

Controlled physical and chemical property

Green product

Screened slag is superior to river sand because the river sand/ crushed rock fines contains fossils and other irregular particles, such as clay and silt, that affects quality and durability. JSW screened slag meets all the requirements of IS:383-2015.

The Multi-fold Advantages of SSC

  • Screened slag doesn’t contain fossils and clay.
  • Controlled physical and chemical properties
  • Improved durability of the structure
  • Gives Improved bonding
  • Improves cohesiveness of Concrete / Mortar / Plaster mixes
  • Negligible silt content, thereby improving the strength parameters
  • Gives Improved strength to the concrete as compared to Natural sand
  • Reduction in Shrinkage Cracks
  • Smoother surface finish


Plain concrete
Reinforce concrete
Dry lean concrete
Residential, Commercial & Industrial complex
Pavement quality concrete
Asphalt concrete etc.

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