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Anganwadi Workers & CDPO with JSW Cement staff.
Anganwadi Workers & CDPO with JSW Cement staff.

Awareness camp on Electrical Safety

We cannot imagine the modern world without electricity, we are so much surrounded by machines and instruments which work on electricity that we often start taking electricity for granted. It is a powerful and versatile energy but it can also be dangerous if it is not used properly. Serious accidents with respect to electricity do occur, in places like home it is a rare phenomena but yet, each year there are small number of fatalities and serious injuries. Most of the accidents that occur due to electricity occur due to either carelessness or lack of some basic rules that should always be observed when using electricity.

An awareness camp was conducted by JSW Cement on Electrical Safety at Bilakalagudur village on May 05, 2015 to address the importance of safety and to demonstrate proper method of utilising the electrical energy. The Electrical Dept. experts of JSW cement briefed about the safety measures and also distributed flyers containing essential information on safety and rules that need to be followed.