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Our expert team of engineers devise the best and most sustainable plans to ensure perfection across the construction journey.

Our engineers and architects realise their design and construction vision with the support of our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

They work with latest technologies and leverage agile research and development endeavours to deliver efficient and eco-friendly building materials and solutions.

Stories of revolutionising the
building material industry

Hearing it from our engineer partners

I have worked with JSW Cement in many projects since 2018, especially in commercial constructions. I prefer CHD for its strength, workability and superior finishing which are essential to high-rise construction. The product’s volumetric coverage and packaging are rare in comparison to other brands. I have also received support from the technical team and have benefitted from their priority services.

-Mr. Amlan Kumar Maity Profession: L.B.S. Engineer
Firm Name: M/S Amlan Kr. Maity
Location: East Midnapore, Tamluk
JSW Cement Customer Since: 2018

I have been working with JSW Cement since 2019 and in my experience, JSW CHD/LPP both are suitable cement products to use in bridges and roads due to its high flexural strength. Workability is high and it delivers better output in finishing. After testing the quality of this cement in our laboratory; our department has approved its use in HL Bridge & CC Road. The JSW Cement technical team provides support and timely service with their CCV and conducts many on-field tests. JSW Concreel HD offers a range of benefits that strengthen structures as well as protects the environment.

-Biswa Prakash Badajena Profession: Engineer
Firm Name: R&B Div, Odisha
Location: Narsinghpur, Odisha
JSW Cement Customer Since: 2019

My journey with JSW group started in 2020 with a plant visit at Salboni, which was very useful in building knowledge of the subject. Since then, I have completed over 20 projects, including IHB and commercials with JSW Cement. The product quality of both PSC and CHD are remarkable. I also deeply appreciate the way in which the JSW Cement technical team supported me in terms of value-added services and loyalty programmes.

-Mr. Santanu Chakraborty Profession: L.B.S Engineer
Firm Name: Subham Consultant
Location: Mecheda, Kolaghat, West Bengal
JSW Cement Customer Since: 2020

I have been using JSW Cement products since their launch and have always been very impressed with the quality, strength and fineness of the products. I am also very satisfied with the cooperation I have received from the technical team. Since the introduction of the loyalty programme, we are feeling much less dependent on external aid. I have worked extensively with JSW PSC and CHD and would prefer using them in the futu

-Mr. Sukanta Hazra Firm Name : Sthapati O Nirmaan
Location : Howrah, West Bengal
Profession: L.B.S Engineer
JSW Cement Customer Since: 2018

Pragati Partner Loyalty Program

At JSW Cement, we believe in recognizing the invaluable contributions of our partners.

In that spirit, we host Pragati — our exceptional rewards program, for all our partners. Pragati comes packed with benefits, including the lifetime validity of your reward points and the chance to win your dream vacations and exciting gifts!

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