Need for using
JSW Microfine GGBS

In India, the landscape of concrete construction is undergoing a transformative shift driven by escalating demands in infrastructure and housing. The concrete utilized must embody intelligence, resilience, and durability to meet the stringent criteria of these projects. Amidst this accelerated construction pace, structures must not only confer the required strength but also adhere to sustainability and longevity standards. Crafting customized concrete blends necessitates the incorporation of suitable materials into the mix. JSW Microfine GGBS emerges as a pivotal material capable of enhancing both the fresh and hardened properties of concrete, enhancing workability, pumpability, early strength, durability, and diminishing the carbon footprint. As urban structures soar skyward amidst rapid expansion, integrating Microfine GGBS into the construction sector becomes imperative. This adoption not only promotes the utilization of superior materials but also contributes to the construction of more efficient and spacious structures, facilitating increased usable space.

JSW Cement : Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

Improves Rheology of the
concrete mix.

Reduces Heat of
Hydration in concrete

Increases Strength &
Durability of the structure.

Resistance to chemical attacks and
aggressive environmental conditions
is increased

Increases Particle packing
and thus reducing voids and

Improves the test results of RCPT
(Rapid Chloride Penetration Test),
Chloride Migration Test, WPT
(Water Penetration Test)

Improves Pumpability of the concrete for high rise structures.

Enhances efficiency of work by improving the removal and rotation of formwork and precast molds.

pH of concrete is maintained thus protecting the steel reinforcement.

Improved fresh properties & better retention without any additional water content or chemical admixture content

Improves Compressive, Flexural and Tensile Strength

Makes concrete mixes cost effective and environment friendly.

Product Properties


Fineness: 1612 m2/kg

Particle Size Range

Particle Size Range:
D50 - 3.6 μm
D95- 10 μm

Slag Activity Index

Slag Activity Index:
7 Days- 107%
28 Days- 115%

Specific Gravity

Specific Gravity: 2.83

  • Usage
  • Packaging
  • Storage & Safety

JSW Microfine conforms to IS code 16715. It is added with proper measured quantity, to concrete mix in addition to Cement and /or other Supplementary Cementitious materials to enhance the particle packing and strength. It is important to ensure proper mixing and dispersion of this finely engineered material for desired results. As per industrial benchmarks, the dosage is between 5%-10% by weight of total binder content in concrete mix, however, it may change depending on specified mix. Lab trials are recommended before final usage.

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