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Nandyal Plant is located at Bilakalaguduru village in Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. The core objective of this plant is to produce green and eco-friendly cement (Portland Slag Cement) by completely utilizing Blast Furnace Slag generated by JSW Steel Ltd. It is equipped with an ultramodern cement production unit. Nandyal Plant uses Blast Furnace Slag as raw material. It has drastically reduced its consumption of limestone.

JSW Cement Ltd, Gadivemula Mandal, Bilakalaguduru,
Kurnool – 518508, Andhra Pradesh
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Product Portfolio and Capacity

Nandyal Works manufactures Portland Slag Cement (PSC), which is a mix of Blast Furnace Slag and Ordinary Portland Cement. It also produces Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBS) and Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) of 43,53 Gr. The plant can produce approximately 2.2 & 4.80 MTPA Clinker and Portland Slag Cement, respectively.

Unique Features

  • Nandyal Works is the first cement plant in India with Combi-Complex technology and multiple systems to control air and dust pollution
  • It has a unique automatic packing and truck loading system that reduces air pollution
  • The plant consumes half the amount of limestone than required by traditional cement plants
  • The plant reduces pollution and wastage by utilizing slag as a raw material
  • The plant is installed with a net water-surplus unit
  • The plant has been recognised for its ‘green initiatives’ and has received several prestigious awards

Markets Served from the Plant
Nandyal plant serves states like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Kerala and Maharashtra.

Plant Head’s Note
The plant is situated near a high-quality Limestone mine and is one of the best cement producing plants equipped with world-class technology. The Nandyal plant has been producing the best quality Clinker using the bi-products of Steel plants and various alternative fuels to preserve fossil fuels, thereby reducing Carbon Dioxide emissions. It is the most power-efficient plant because of its high grade grinding units.
The plant’s CSR team has adopted two villages, Bilakalagudur and Bujunur, to help the community in the space of Women Empowerment, Education, by providing Mid-day Meals and various other schemes etc.
It has also installed rainwater harvesting systems in various buildings and has developed water storage tanks in the Mine pits to collect and reuse the water.
“Every Generation Needs a New Revolution” is the philosophy of the plant and it is working towards the continuous development of new environment-friendly products.
– Arpan Parekh

Zonal Head’s Note

JSW Cement’s Nandyal Works is an integrated manufacturing facility that is strategically located in the state of Andhra Pradesh to serve the Southern parts of India efficiently. The facility has state-of-the-art technology to manufacture eco-friendly Cement i.e., Portland Slag Cement, Concreel HD, Ordinary Portland Cement and Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag. The plant is proud to cater to around 4000 channel partners and 1500 direct customers in South India. It regularly supplies products to all customers through 75 service points across Southern India.
The Plant produces the best Cement products in the industry with long-lasting strength and ultimate durability. Consistent quality and timely service are the key pillars of this plant. The plant’s vision is to create better products for better India in relation to our philosophy of BETTER EVERYDAY. JSW Nandyal strives every day to achieve betterment in its services with utmost commitment.
– Hitendra Jariwala

Chief Manufacturing Officer’s Note

JSW Cement is a rapidly growing organization and one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly companies in India. From a humble start, JSW has today grown to a well-earned position of leadership. As an organisation, we spread happiness amongst everyone connected with our ecosystem and create wealth for investors, employees, business associates and communities where we operate by experimenting and implementing new ideas for improving efficiencies and maximizing the ratio of output product to input resources. We have to keep on improving ourselves with times and break current benchmarks, even if they were set by us in the first place. The core reason behind our success in the markets we operate has been our relentless focus on our customers. We thrive on evolving ourselves with the needs of our customers. Under the dynamic leadership of our MD Mr Parth Jindal, I am sure the capacity target of JSW Cement will be increased to 25 MTPA by 2023. I am proud of the extraordinary performance shown by all JSW Cement units PAN India.
I am sure in the near future, we will continue to forge ahead with the same energy to achieve even greater heights.

G. Veera Babu
Chief Manufacturing Officer

Plant Head’s Note
“Our use of Combi-Comflex technology has kept us ahead of the curve and helped us produce green cement. This production process uses less energy compared to conventional methods of cement-making and slag from our steel plant is put into better use here. With teamwork and dedication, we are aiming to make JSW Cement the most widely used Portland slag cement across the country.”