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High Strength

Improved Workability

More Durable

Sustainable Construction

Superior Smooth Finish

High Resistance to Chemical Attack

JSW Composite Cement is the latest revolutionary offering specially designed for all your concrete-based construction requirements. A perfect blend of superior quality clinker and highly reactive slag and silica making it ideal for strength bearing applications such as beams, columns, slabs, and foundations.

Cement Comparison OPC vs PPC vs COMPCEM

Multifold Advantages

  • Increases safety of structures
  • Provides superior durability
  • Reduces concrete bleeding and segregation
  • Adds stability and easier to maintain
  • Protection to embedded reinforcement
  • Provides good substrate for painting and other decorative works
  • Green product – Reduces CO2 emissions

Test Certificates





Mass concrete work in dams, spillways, canals, expressways
Mass Concrete work in Dams, Spillways, Canals, Expressways etc
Pile Foundation and Pile Cap
RCC Footing Foundation for Bridges & underground Construction
Water retaining structures
RCC works in high water table areas and marshy lands
RCC works in High Water Table areas and Marshy Lands

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