JSW Construction Chemicals

Wide Range of Solutions:

Tile Adhesive, Grout & Cleaner

Fix, clean & sustain with ease! The Tile Adhesive, Grout, and Cleaner are part of our top-quality tile range products that offer premium fixtures, and quick stain removal and are perfect for rendering surfaces waterproof and chemical-resistant.

  • High-quality performance for effective and easy cleaning
  • Compatible with a wide range of surfaces
  • Long-lasting results with water-resistant properties
Tile Adhesive, Grout & Cleaner

Precision Steel Grouts

All-in-one strength & precision! The JSW Steel Grouts are high-strength, non-shrink grouts engineered for precision & exceptional performance under both static and dynamic loads.

  • Robust performance in various precision applications
  • Apt for foundational work, applications and repairs
  • Excellent accuracy and exceptional load-bearing
Precision Steel Grouts


Smooth finishes just got a whole lot stronger! The Block Grip Adhesive helps form a robust bond with reduced water consumption, complemented by Enduro Plast's enhanced bond strength & minimized rebound.

  • Extremely long-lasting formula
  • Complete shock resistance
  • Strong and smooth finish


The most effective waterproofing product range is here! The JSW SmartBlok waterproofing range is not only multi-purpose but also strengthens the bond between old and new concrete and plaster for a variety of applications.

  • Impenetrable waterproof barriers
  • Heightened and improved surface durability
  • Serves as a universal repair material

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