Cohesive workable mortar

Better tensile and flexural strength

Uniform and smooth finishes

Improved putty coverage


Extended application time

Increased curing efficacy

Improves bond strength
to applied substrate

Eliminates cement slurry
application over plastered

Faster rate of application

Reduced wall porosity and voids

Increase in durability

Negligible rebound losses

Enduro Plast - Readymix Plaster

Ready Mix plaster is a premixed ready to use cement based mortar for external as well as internal plaster, which ensures quality consistency. Enduro Plast is a single component water resistance monolithic plastering/rendering mortar with a ratio of graded sand, cement and polymers for applications in civil construction works.

Good plastering material and plaster should be capable enough to protect the wall from external UV rays, dampness, shocks, rain, humidity, fire and sound. It also gives thermal insulation to entire building. Good plastering work with good plastering material is the skin of entire building and provides long term durability to the building. Care should be taken to choose the right material for plastering. Effectiveness of plastering depends on material, workmanship, skill level of mason and adherence to general guidelines of its usage. Workability of mix, particle size distribution of material, control to avoid early heat of hydration, raw mix design, quality of individual raw materials is important. Sand used in plaster should have minimum clay content and other impurities. Control over maximum particle size and grading. Shape of sand is also a factor. Pozzolana used in material should have proper lime reactivity with control over other physical and chemical parameters. GGBS is used in Enduro plast to control the early heat of hydration of mix to avoid cracking. Enduro plast can be applied on Clay/Brick, Concrete block, AAC Block, Fly ash block and Concrete surface.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • High compressive Strength - High Compressive strength increases masonry strength and load bearing capacity.
  • Consistency - Due to the manufacturing process and accurate particle size distribution, the premix bags are delivered in consistent and best quality.
  • No bulking of Sand - Conventional sand can be bulked by adding water and volume/weight of sand can be cheated. Sand used for making Ready mix plaster should be completely dry
  • Saves Time - Huge time saving can be observed for plaster work and completion of project. There is no need to stack and mix individual materials like cement and sand.
  • Hassle Free - No hassle of maintaining mortar ratio, whereas in the conventional method labour and supervision is required to prepare the mix.
  • Easy Application - The material is premixed and only water has to be added on site. This makes the process of plastering much easier and quicker
  • Minimum Wastage - The wastage caused in the conventional site mix process while sand sieving and mixing material is totally avoided.
  • Minimum Cracks - Shrinkage cracks are minimized as raw materials are tested and accurately mixed with specific particle size and quantity.
  • Storage - Easy to maintain stock as equal size packaging in bag form is provided.
  • Higher Coverage - Due to lower density and high volume, it covers 15-22 sq ft/ bag of 40 Kg with a thickness of 10-12 mm
  • Finish - Surface finish after application is excellent and equal due to best particle size grading, hence maximizing wall plaster performance.
  • Economical - It provides smooth finish of walls in a single coat. Hence saves time and cost required for putty coating on inner wall and primer on external wall.
  • Availability - Unlike the unstable availability of raw river sand, premix bags are available round the year.
  • Hacking to be done on the wall & Ceiling especially concrete surface which takes ready mix plaster.
  • Surface should be free from dust, oil, paint, grease and other loose particles.
  • All concrete and block joints must be covered with a chicken wire mesh.
  • Surface which takes plaster should be partially wetted before initiating plastering.
  • Add 6 to 6.4 liters of water for 1 bag of Enduro Plast.
  • Allow 4-6 min to react water with binder and polymer and mix properly to get cohesive and workable mortar
  • Apply on wall with sufficient force and level the surface
  • Use suitable tools to get uniform and smooth finishes
Parameter Enduro Plast Convention Plaster
Application time Faster rate of application Not possible
Quality Consistent quality due to computerized process Manual mixing, hence not possible to test every batch
Shrinkage cracks Minimum shrinkage crack Significantly high shrinkage cracks
Handling and storing Easy handling and storage Difficult to keep stock of different material
Wastage No wastage High wastage
Efflorescence Negligible Observed in many cases
Sand Graded Not graded
Rebound Minimum Minimum High due to non-gradation & bigger sand
Bond Strength Improves high bond strength with substrate Low bond strength
Putty coverage Improves putty coverage Low putty coverage
Dampness arrest Low porosity & voids and hence low dampness movement High porosity & voids and hence high dampness movement
Curing No curing 7 to 14 day curing
Labors requirement Requires less Requires more
Durability High durable Not durable
Sustainable Low Carbon foot print and hence sustainable Natural and high carbon intense materials used and hence not sustainable

Considering the bulking of sand, wastage of sand, space required for stocking of materials, labor requirements, time required, rebound loss, durability, sustainability, curing period, putty saving, Consistency, quality of ingredients, high compressive, tensile and pull-off adhesion strength the cost of Enduro Plast is economical compare to conventional plaster.

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