JSW has always recognized its moral obligation to do all that it can to operate its business to the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and transparency, recognizing the intrinsic benefits that good business ethics and governance provide. However, in spite of all that we have so far achieved in operating our business ethically, we recognize that there remains a potential for us to do much more. JSW is committed to embed sound governance, deliver transparency, tackle corruption, manage risks and provide value through strong and robust business ethics. 100% of our employees are committed to Code of Conduct. We impart training on various aspects of Code of conduct such as periodically in an online manner as well as face to face classroom training . We have set a target for code of conduct training for 100% of our employees by FY-2026. We also plan to conduct Human Rights training and assessment at all our sites during the same period.

A strong and fully embedded commitment to undertaking business ethically brings considerable benefits, including improved consumer perception (leading to increased loyalty), greater investment, reduced costs, and enhanced employee motivation, involvement and interaction to name just a few.

JSW Cement’s Policy on Business Conduct is available here.