Human capital is the backbone of any industry. In an organization with the provision of good working conditions, employees are highly likely to be more positive, more motivated and therefore more productive.

At JSW Cement, we have Group level H&S policy to ensure safety and well-being of our employees and the integrity of our operations. Our foremost commitment is to achieve a ‘zero harm’ workplace. JSW has taken various efforts and initiatives to promote a healthy and safe work environment for all its employees through focus on prevention of occupational accidents and diseases. Occupational Health & Safety is a material topic for JSW and safety of its employees is fundamental, both for their welfare and to the reputation and performance of the Company. Thus safety is of prime importance for JSW and highest priority is accorded to the principle of prevention.

Additionally we have internal HR policies and programs for employee benefits and their career growth development.

Employee Support Program: We have implemented several initiatives to support and retain our employees. At JSW Cements, we provide non-monetary benefits for employees that include parental leaves and day-care facilities. As per the regulations, 26 weeks of maternity leave and 1 week of paternity leave are provided to all entitled employees. We also provide flexible working hours for our employees and require employees' presence for the core working hours, allowing them to start their day 0.5 hour before or after the standard time. Well being programs also include sports and mental health initiatives as well.

JSW We Care:JSW partnered with 1to1help, takes immense pride in prioritising the well-being of our employees, and our comprehensive programme, JSW We Care, stands as a testament to this commitment. Designed to provide holistic support, our initiative offers access to confidential counselling sessions through a dedicated hotline that operates 24x7. We consistently communicate the availability of these services to all our employees, and encourage them to make use of this invaluable resource at no cost.

At JSW cement,we have platforms to recognise our employees and help them in career growth and their development. Some of them are like:

  • Rewards and Recognition:
    #Making a Difference: JSW Spotlight is a thoughtfully crafted Recognition Programme that is anchored in organisation needs that emerged in the Great Place to Work survey and feedback from JSW Leaders, managers and employees.
  • Learning/training platforms:
    Percipio: Online learning courses available on this platform for employees in collaboration with Skillsoft to develop project management, team building, communication and other skills.
    Harvard Manage Mentor/Spark: It also provides learning modules as supported by Degreed to develop skill .
  • Women Batch Training: The objective of our Managing Director is to integrate women into our manufacturing facility's workforce. In 2021, we initiated this endeavor by employing 11 female graduate trainees who underwent a year-long training program in CCR Operations and Quality Lab. These trainees were also assigned to various production sites. In 2023, we continued this program, hiring 14 more trainees who are now successfully managing their shifts. A total of 24 female trainees have been nurtured through this program, providing them with 2 to 4 plant rotations before assigning them to independent shift responsibilities in CCR operations and Quality Control. ~1% of our Full-Time Employees (FTEs) have participated in this program.
  • Sales Training:
    • The primary goal of this program was to enable the technical team members to transform into skilled training facilitators. This diverse group consisted of State Technical Heads, Zonal Technical Heads, Area Sales Managers (Direct Sales), Concrete Technologists, Production Managers, Quality Managers, and R&D Managers. Through this workshop, they were trained, assessed, and eventually certified to be training facilitators.
    • Flexibility and Customization: The participants gained valuable knowledge from the program, which they could utilize in their daily tasks, such as team management, imparting training, and enhancing their interactions with both internal and external customers.
    • Fostering a Learning Culture: As trained facilitators, these professionals are now responsible for passing on their knowledge to their subordinates, thereby promoting a culture of continuous learning and development. This approach also ensures the program's scalability and replicability across various departments and teams.
    • Empowerment and Confidence: Although these participants possessed technical expertise, the program focused on enhancing their soft skills and communication techniques, ultimately certifying them as competent training facilitators. In total, ~1.5% of the company's Full-Time Employees participated in this transformative initiative.
  • Performance Appraisal: At JSW Cement, we prioritize the professional development of our employees and provide them with the necessary support to accelerate their career progression through our performance management system. This system is designed to foster a culture of continuous improvement and growth for our workforce. 100% eligible employees receive regular performance and career development reviews, and our performance management appraisals are based on Management by Objectives and conducted biannually. JSW Cement encourages regular feedback sessions between employees and their managers to discuss achievements, developmental needs, objective revisions, performance barriers, and ways to address shortcomings. As part of our performance management system, we set team goals. The employee’s performance in the team forms part of their career performance review discussions. This approach encourages collective responsibility among our teams. By implementing these comprehensive performance management practices, JSW Cement is committed to nurturing a culture of growth, collaboration, and accountability among its employees, contributing to the overall success and sustainability of the organization.

Employee Engagement Survey: In FY 2021-22, we conducted our first employee experience survey called Awaaz 2021. 86% of our workforce came forward and participated. The survey covered various topics including but not limited to employee well-being, happiness and satisfaction at the workplace, fulfillment in the job role, and work-related stress. Our focus has been to understand, analyze and strengthen the drivers that keep the employees engaged and going. We plan to conduct an employee engagement survey every two years. To translate outcomes and insights into action, we organised structured ‘Awaaz - Action Planning Workshops' across our sales and marketing zones and manufacturing locations. These interactive sessions brought together employees of diverse backgrounds, fostering collaboration and enabling us to address critical focus areas effectively.

Based on the feedback of the survey, one of the initiatives we undertook for employee development was project Unnati which focussed on people transformation journey. Various modes like one-on-one conversations, focused group discussions, and an online survey were conducted to engage 75% of our employees to gather feedback on various matters.

Among many sub- initiatives implemented under the Unnati banner, ‘Saksham’ is the most significant one. Saksham, as the name suggests, is aimed at understanding core strengths of our teams and help build them to 'exceed expectations'.

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