At JSW Cement, we have a defined process to engage with suppliers. Our supplier code of conduct acts as the guidance which also forms part of contracts, orders and agreements. These contracts and agreements are continuously reviewed to ensure alignment with the Supplier Code of Conduct against the ESG requirements. We also ensure that we engage with suppliers fulfilling the ESG requirements laid down in our supplier code of conduct.

We also use pre-qualification assessment questionnaires (focusing on health and safety) for contractors, and we mandate the minimum scoring for them in order to engage them for any kind of work. Further, our screening process for the critical suppliers include aspects related to environment, compliance, emission footprint, water consumption, health and safety, human rights, business ethics, relevance and others. During FY 2022-23, we had a supplier base of ~2600 suppliers. We primarily engage with Tier 1 suppliers. We define significant or critical suppliers which contribute to maximum spend and are critical to the business/ non substitutable. We have identified ~60 significant suppliers in our supply base which contributed to ~70% of the total spend. At group level, we conducted a few knowledge forums to generate awareness and guide them to fill the questionnaire. We have done the ESG assessment of 12 of the significant suppliers. In FY24, we are strengthening our efforts towards a comprehensive ESG assessment of more suppliers along with the capacity building programs.