Cement manufacturing is not water intensive but it is required for cooling heavy equipment, power generation, dust suppression, cleaning, green belt and emission control systems.

With a long term focus, we're committed to water sustainability, aiming for a 15% reduction in freshwater withdrawal intensity and become 5x water-positive by 2030 (vs 2021) through increased use of recycled and harvested water and implementing water stewardship programs. Our water resource management policy aims at alleviating water scarcity by sourcing water meticulously and implementing innovative recycling techniques. We ensure proper wastewater treatment, fulfilling statutory and voluntary obligations, and adhering to Zero Liquid Discharge technology. Our efforts extend to rainwater harvesting, groundwater replenishment, and water-efficient equipment. In FY 2022-23, our water withdrawal had no significant impact.

Out of our six manufacturing sites in India, three have access to surface water supply (Dolvi, Vijayanagar, and Jajpur) and other three are relying on groundwater (Shiva, Nandyal, and Salboni). At Salem (operated by JSW Cement), the primary source of water is surface water. None of our owned sites are in water-stressed regions as defined by Central Ground Water Authority guidelines. We undertook Initial water risk assessments, using tools like the India Water tool, indicating that 3 sites are low-risk and three sites Nandyal, Salboni and Vijaynagar may fall under medium to high risk. We have undertaken assessments for Nandyal and Vijaynagar with a water management strategy in progress. We are actively engaged in collaborating with communities to ensure water security and pre-empt potential future risks through diverse CSR initiatives.

In FY 2023-24, we have also submitted our first CDP disclosure for water and we have got a B rating. We not only intend to strengthen our efforts on water management but also look forward to improving our disclosures.

We have also initiated focussed water interventions in our communities.

CSR Initiatives FY 2022-23:

  • Nandyal plant - we have partnered with NABARD for a watershed project, completed a pilot phase with 100 ha and initiated a full Implementation phase. NABARD has given approval for three years to JSW to support a common facility centre. Through this initiative, 50 Bore wells were recharged, resulting in increased ground water level.
  • We have also ensured that RO plants are functional and villagers get purified water in Bilakalaguduru and Bujunur villages. Through this initiative 8,500 villagers got access to purified water.
  • At our Jajpur plant, we have provided facilities for water supply in DIZ villages such as Mangalpur and Chandia panchayats. 120 Households have benefited from this drinking water project.
  • At our Shiva plant, we have provided water through tube wells in 8 villages & installed 5 solar-based water supply structures. 30,000 villagers benefited from the “Jal Chhatra” initiative.